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Nineveh Fantasy Film 

(project in development / pre-production)

12min 3sec   |   Behind the Scenes   |  Executive Producer Rufus Morris Jr.

Summary - Nineveh is a fantasy series of fictional stories created by Educator / Producer Rufus Morris Jr. The series while also set in earth is primarily set in the fictional world of Nineveh and revolves around a fantasy character named Mr. Herbert who from his Nineveh Treehouse shares tales and adventures of earthly children (known as “elect”) who have passed through his world and encountered the evil Queen Beelzebub and her Warlock Canisous' dark magic.


These elect though born in earth are descendants of an ancient city called Amethyst not of this world and have a special ability to travel between worlds while sound asleep. Most wear a mysterious gemstone necklace which many believe is what gives elect their power. In this first Nineveh Film Installment hear the tale of a young elect named Michael, depressed from the sudden mysterious death of his father he searches for the ancient city of Amethyst his father often told him of. However all elect must first travel through the Land of Nineveh which surrounds the ancient city.  Michael makes other-worldly friends along his journey but soon encounters deadly creatures and the evil Queen Beelzebub and her Warlock Canisous who have vowed to keep all elect from ever again entering Amethyst.

Nineveh Fantasy Series - Behind The Scenes Interview with Executive Producer Rufus Morris Jr.
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