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Executive Producer Rufus Morris Jr.

Executive Producer Rufus Morris Jr
Rufus Morris Jr.

President / Executive Producer

at Kingdom Entertainment Studios

(Creator/Producer/Writer/Director) - Rufus Morris Jr. is a native of Syracuse New York (now Atlanta based). Morris used to produce rap records under the name "Skratch." He soon blossomed into a neighborhood celebrity, entrepreneur owning multiple businesses and popular DJ / Radio personality on Power 102.1FM, a radio station Morris co-owned and operated. As his career progressed, Morris grew increasingly unfulfilled by the extravagant party lifestyle associated with the entertainment industry. Seeing his community increase in crime, violence and mental health issues among youth, Morris began to feel like the night clubs he owned and the hardcore rap music he sold in his music stores were part of the problem in his community. So he took a leap of faith and closed the doors to these businesses and founded School of the heARTS Film & Music Academy (a non-profit 501C3 organization) & Kingdom Entertainment Studios (a Film & Music Production Company). Now Mr. Rufus Morris Jr. is on a new mission to influence youth culture with positive, edgy content and inspirational messages through film, music and a variety of  multimedia platforms. For casting opportunities and project inquires please contact us at:

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Rufus Godchild Photo
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